Conference Overview

Aspen Winter Conference
“High Temperature Superconductivity – Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials”
January 14-20, 2018
Sunday evening reception
Meetings Monday through Friday Evening

Robert J. Birgeneau (UC Berkeley)
Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford University)
Qimiao Si (Rice University)

Iron-based superconductivity has been at the center of condensed matter physics for nearly a decade. Recent developments in the study of the iron chalcogenides have renewed hope of reaching even higher transition temperature for superconductivity. Meanwhile, considerable progress has been made on the understanding of their microscopic physics. Over the same period, the study of the venerable copper-based superconductors has undergone a drastic resurgence, due to a flurry of experimental discoveries and new theoretical understandings on the electronic orders in the pseudogap regime.

This Aspen Winter Conference will highlight the aforementioned developments, and showcase the unifying themes that are emerging from studying a diverse set of materials. While the focus will be on the iron- and copper-based systems, the conference will also feature the deepening understanding on quantum criticality in heavy fermion and organic superconductors, physics of spin liquids, as well as superconductivity above 200 K that has been reported under extreme pressure during the past two years.

The conference program will contain nine sessions of invited talks, with ample time allocated for discussions, and two sessions of poster presentations.

Application and Poster Abstract Submission is open until October 31, 2017.

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