2018 Aspen Winter Conference
High Temperature Superconductivity – Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials

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Monday morning:
Session I: Iron-based systems – Magnetism and bad metal behavior
Discussion Leader: Pengcheng Dai (Rice U.)

8:00—8:15 Pengcheng Dai (Rice U.)
“Perspective and overview”

8:15—8:40 Jiun-Haw Chu (UW-Seattle)
“Probing nematic critical fluctuations in Fe-based superconductors by linear and non-linear elastoresistance”

8:40—8:50 Discussion

8:50—9:15 Rong Yu (Renmin U.)
“Electron correlations and orbital selectivity in iron-based superconductors”

9:15—9:25 Discussion

9:25—10:00 Coffee break

10:00—10:25 Anna Böhmer (Iowa State U.)
“Tuning magnetism in iron-pnictides and chalcogenides”

10:25—10:35 Discussion

10:35—11:00 Jun Zhao (Fudan U.)
“Spin excitations in FeSe-based superconductors”

11:00—11:10 Discussion

Monday afternoon:
Session 2: Copper-based systems – Pseudogap and charge order
Discussion Leader: Bernhard Keimer (MPI-Stuttgart)

4:00—4:15 Bernhard Keimer (MPI-Stuttgart)
“Perspective and overview”

4:15—4:40 Alex Frano (UCSD)
“Universal phonon broadening near the charge order Q-vector in bilayer cuprate Bi-2212”

4:40—4:50 Discussion

4:50—5:15 Makoto Hashimoto (Stanford U.)
“Rapid change of superconductivity and electron-phonon coupling across the putative critical doping in Bi2212”

5:15—5:25 Discussion

5:25 – 7:15 Poster session I: Cuprate superconductivity and beyond
– Click here to download the session I poster abstracts

Dinner on one’s own

Tuesday morning:

Session 3: Heavy-fermion systems – The role of quantum criticality
Discussion Leader: Piers Coleman (Rutgers U.)

8:00—8:15 Piers Coleman (Rutgers U.)
“Perspective and overview”

8:15—8:40 Joe D. Thompson (LANL)
“More surprises from Ce115 heavy-fermion compounds”

8:40—8:50 Discussion

8:50—9:15 Silke Paschen (TU Vienna)
“Sequential localization and strange-metal behavior of a complex electron fluid”

9:15—9:25 Discussion

9:25—9:50 Collin Broholm (Johns Hopkins U.)
“Incommensurate magnetism in Ce-based heavy fermion systems”

9:50—10:00 Discussion

10:00—10:30 Coffee break

Tuesday afternoon:
Session 4: Organic systems and spin-liquid physics
Discussion Leader: Steve Nagler (ORNL)

4:00—4:15 Steve Nagler (ORNL)
“Perspective and overview”

4:15—4:40 Kazushi Kanoda (U. Tokyo)
“Mott transition of a spin liquid and emergence of superconductivity in organics”

4:40—4:50 Discussion

4:50—5:15 Hide Takagi (MPI-Stuttgart)
“Spin-orbital entangled quantum liquid on honeycomb lattice”

5:15—5:25 Discussion

5:25—6:00 Coffee break

6:00—6:25 Subir Sachdev (Harvard U.)
“Topological order in the pseudogap metal”

6:25—6:35 Discussion

6:35—7:00 James Analytis (UC Berkeley)
“Magnetic field-temperature scaling in the magnetotransport properties of unconventional superconductors”

7:00—7:10 Discussion

7:10—9:00 Poster session II: Fe-based superconductivity and heavy-fermion physics
+ Catered dinner  – Click here to download the session II poster abstracts PDF

Wednesday morning:
Session 5: Iron-based systems – Chalcogenides and higher Tc
Discussion Leader: Dunghai Lee (UC Berkeley)

8:00—8:15 Dunghai Lee (UC Berkeley)
“Perspective and overview”

8:15—8:40 Donglai Feng (Fudan U.)
“What gives the high Tc in FeSe/STO?”

8:40—8:50 Discussion

8:50—9:15 Ming Yi (UC Berkeley)
“Charge forward in iron pnictides”

9:15—9:25 Discussion

9:25—9:50 John Tranquada (BNL)
“Thermal evolution of magnetic and orbital-occupancy correlations in Fe(Te,Se) superconductors”

9:50—10:00 Discussion

10:00—10:30 Coffee break

Wednesday afternoon:
Session 6: Brief talks

Session Chair: Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford U.)

1:30—1:45 Ali Yazdani (Princeton U.)
“Visualizing heavy fermion superconductivity”

1:45—2:00 Stuart Brown (UCLA)
“17O NMR in Sr2RuO4: Normal state properties under compressive strain”

2:00—2:15 Hsin-Hua Lai (Rice U.)
“Frustrated magnetism and bicollinear antiferromagnetic order in FeTe”
2:15—2:40 Coffee break

2:40—2:55 Byron Freelon (U. Louisville)
“Magnetic, structural and electronic behavior of iron-based Mott insulators”

2:55—3:10 Edwin Huang (Stanford U.)
“Numerical evidence of fluctuating stripes in high-Tc cuprate superconductors”

3:10—3:25 Steven Hayden (U. Bristol)
“Competing orders and spin fluctuations in cuprate superconductors”

4:30 Physics Café with James Analytis (UC Berkeley) and Suchitra Sebastian (Cambridge U.)
(Wheeler Opera House Lobby)

5:30 Public Lecture: Laura H. Greene (FSU)
“The Dark Energy of Quantum Materials”
(Wheeler Opera House)

Dinner on one’s own

Thursday morning:

Session 7: Extreme conditions and recent developments
Discussion Leader: Warren Pickett (UC Davis)

8:00—8:15 Warren Pickett (UC Davis)
“Perspective and overview”

8:15—8:40 Mari Einaga (Osaka U.)
“High temperature superconductivity in sulfur hydride”

8:40—8:50 Discussion

8:50—9:15 Meigan Aronson (TAMU)
“A local quantum phase transition in YFe2Al10”

9:15—9:25 Discussion

9:25—10:00 Coffee break

10:00—10:25 Laura H. Greene (FSU)
“The topological Kondo insulator SmB6: Surface states interacting with bulk spin excitons”

10:25—10:35 Discussion

10:35—11:00 Suchitra Sebastian (Cambridge U.)
“Quantum oscillations and superconductivity in the high Tc cuprates”

11:00—11:10 Discussion


Thursday afternoon:

Session 8: Recent developments
Discussion Leader: Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell U.)

4:00—4:15 Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell U.)
“Perspective and overview”

4:15—4:40 Paul Canfield (Iowa State U.)
“Superconductivity and fragile magnetism in pure and doped CaKFe4As4”

4:40—4:50 Discussion

4:50—5:15 Sudip Chakravarty (UCLA)
“Can a quantum critical state represent a blackbody?”

5:15—5:25 Discussion

5:25—5:50 Alessandra Lanzara (UC Berkeley)
“Spin orbit coupling in doped Mott insulators”

5:50—6:00 Discussion

7:00 Banquet

Friday morning:
Session 9: Copper-based systems – Strange metal behavior
Discussion Leader: Inna Vishik (UC Davis)

8:00—8:15 Inna Vishik (UC Davis)
“Perspective and overview”

8:15—8:40 T. Senthil (MIT)
“Some models and mechanisms for non-Fermi liquids”

8:40—8:50 Discussion

8:50—9:15 Martin Greven (U. Minnesota)
“New insight into the cuprate phase diagram from neutron, x-ray and transport measurements of Hg1201”

9:15—9:25 Discussion

9:25—10:00 Coffee break

10:00—10:25 Louis Taillefer (Sherbrooke U.)
“Quantum critical point of cuprate superconductors”

10:25—10:35 Discussion

10:35—11:00 Chandra M. Varma (UC Riverside)
“Topological excitations for the anomalous normal state and superconductivity in cuprates and the 2D- antiferromagnetic metals”

11:00—11:10 Discussion


Friday afternoon:
Session 10: Unifying themes of unconventional superconductivity
Discussion leader: Doug Scalapino (UCSB)

1:30—1:45 Doug Scalapino (UCSB)
“Perspective and overview”

1:45—2:10 J. C. Seamus Davis (Cornell U.)
“Visualizing orbital-selective Mottness and superconductivity”

2:10—2:20 Discussion

2:20—2:45 Frank Steglich (MPI-Dresden; Zhejiang U.)
“Interplay of quantum criticality and unconventional superconductivity”

2:45—2:55 Discussion

2:55—3:30 Coffee break

3:30—3:55 Gabriel Kotliar (Rutgers U.)
“Superconductivity in classes of strongly correlated materials: common threads and significant differences”

3:55—4:05 Discussion

4:05—4:30 Steven Kivelson (Stanford U.)
“Order and fluctuations in the cuprate high temperature superconductors”

4:30—4:40 Discussion